About Us

The following is a brief outline of our history to date.

We were all devastated when Quinn was dethroned in 2011. He had transformed this potholed ridden countryside into a beautiful industrial oasis. What was once one of the poorest parts of Ireland had become one of the wealthiest.

We were all so proud of what was known the length and breath of Ireland as Quinn Country. Like any great fallen animal we saw the vultures flying overhead, liquidators, regulators, financiers, accountants, lawmen, bondholders and bankers all ready to feast on this tasty carcass.

We followed the news with great interest and we knew all the main players, Quinn, Lenihan, Noonan, Neary, Dukes, Fitzpatrick, Elderfield and Aynsley.

Quinn Insurance was sold for a song to Liberty and hundreds of jobs were lost. Quinn Group was divided between Anglo Irish Bank and the bond holders with Paul O'Brien as CEO.

We were promised no job losses and no asset stripping, but when Quinn's entire senior management were sacked and the company systematically de-Quinned by paying off any employee close to Quinn, we felt this was a step too far and so our group was formed, The Cavan/Fermanagh/Leitrim Community Group.

We organised two rallies in Ballyconnell which thousands attended and held many community meeting, and we actually took over Quinn Group HQ offices on Easter Tuesday 2011.

We are the only group to have met all of the parties in the Quinn saga, Alan Dukes (chairman of Anglo Irish Bank), Paul O'Brien (CEO Quinn Group/Aventas), politicians, various directors and management of Quinn Group and even the then Taoiseach, Enda Kenny.

We were instrumental in getting the present management team in place, to carry out the MANDATE given by those thousands who attended marches in Ballyconnell, local football clubs, businesses and the wider community, all endorsed QBRC.

Unfortunately we now find ourselves back to where we were in 2011, just different VULTURES.